"Impossibly Young"

( Photos from the Old Valley Days )

( scanned by Dwain Kaiser unless otherwise noted )

NEW STUFF (updated 4/5/2000):

Jeanne Carow and Friend (Upland, 1967)
Doug Finley (at Magic Door II, mid 1970
Dwain Kaiser, Duane Greeley (ValSFA meeting, prob. 1968)
Dwain Kaiser, Cliveden Chew (ValSFA meeting, prob. 1967)
Kathi Keith, Chuck McMillan (1967)
Jim Keith, Dwain Kaiser, Dawn Kaiser, John Welsh (Prescott, Arizona, 1972)
Lynn Pederson (at Renaissance Faire, mid 1970's)
Terry Romine (Yearbook photo, 1967)
Jerry Smith, Jim Keith, Larry Nielsen (prob. 1967)
Mike Zaharakis (newspaper clipping)


AL Smith, with Unknown Girl (possibly The Hill, prob. 1966)
Bruce Duncan, Larry Nielson (in east LA, prob. 1967)
Bob Davenport (high school photo, Las Vegas)
Don Fitch, Fred Whitledge, Neal Clark Reynolds (ValSFA meeting, prob. 1967)
Dwain Kaiser, Steve Bailey, Monte Christensen (ValSFA meeting, Nov. 1966)
Dwain Kaiser, Jim Keith (at Magic Door II, prob. 1983)
Dwain's Ditto Machine (The Hero of ValAPA)
Fred Whitledge (at The Magic Door II, 1975)
Jim Keith (in east LA, prob. 1967)
Jim Schumacher, Russ Brooker (ValSFA meeting, prob. 1967)
Jerry Smith, Wallis Miller, Neal Clark Reynolds, Don Fitch, Len Bailes (place unknown, Feb. 1967)
Larry Parr (date and place unknown)
Lord Triffid III, Bruce Duncan, Larry Parr (unknown place, prob. 1968)
Lord Triffid III, Steve Bailey, Don Fitch, Dwain Kaiser (ValSFA meeting, prob. 1967)
Lynn Pederson (place and date unknown)
Neal Clark Reynolds, Bob Davenport, Dwain Kaiser (ValSFA meeting, prob. 1967)
Neal Clark Reynolds, Dwain Kaiser (date and place unknown)
Russ Brooker (in his backyard, prob. 1967)
Steve Fink, Doug Finley, Lord Triffid III (ValSFA meeting, Mar. 1968)
Terry Romine (ValSFA meeting, prob. 1967)