Instructions for the Valhallans E-Mail Listserve

The Listserve is an easy way to participate in an ongoing series of email discussions with other Valhallans.  When you send an email to the list, it automatically goes to everyone in the group -- and you will automatically receive similar broadcast messages from the others in your regular e-mail inbox.


If you are ALREADY A MEMBER of the Valhallans  list -- even if your subscription is currently set to not receive messages -- you can still 
SEND A MESSAGE to the group at any time by clicking :

IMPORTANT: You must send the message using the email address you are subscriped to the group with
 If you no longer can send with that address, then you must request that the gatekeeper register you again with your new address:

 If you wish to REQUEST MEMBERSHIP in the list, CLICK HERE to email the gatekeeper and ask for a subscription.

If you are already on the list and wish to UNSUBSCRIBE, send a blank message to with a SUBJECT heading of "unsubscribe" to: