This page explains the Valhalla concept. Once you've read this, click the image above.

Valhalla is a semi-private area of cyberspace for an extended group of people which has evolved over the past 40 years or so... from ValSFA and beyond... you know who you are. We keep in touch with varying degrees of success.

Some of us have been involved in publishing to printed media (APAs and zines) and Valhalla might be thought of as a logical extension of that idea. It is not a forum or a chat room or a newsgroup. It is a web site where those of us who care to can place a notice, a letter, a link to a personal page, an article, an image or anything else of interest to yourself or the group.

The idea is to have a central location where we can stay aware of each other without necessarily having to respond or contribute in any specific way or time. The content here may change frequently or stay the same for years -- Valhalla simply exists for us -- as long as at least one member of the group is willing maintain the site (this person is called the gatekeeper).

CLICK HERE to get with the Gatekeeper regarding anything you want to place in Valhalla.

The easiest thing to do is to provide a link to your own personal pages -- but if you don't have any, arrangements can be made to have your content published to Valhalla with no editorial interference by the gatekeeper (provided you do not violate the rules of the hosting service where the site is located. Those rules are beyond the power of the gatekeeper to change. The current hosting service allows nothing blatantly pornographic, and no pirated material of any kind may placed here). If these strictures don't work for you, you can always put up whatever you like on your own web pages and put a link to them here. There are plenty of places that will provide free hosting for your own web pages. Ask the gatekeeper for assistance if you need it.